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1 MILE OUT - Functional Hypertrophy Program

1 MILE OUT - Functional Hypertrophy Program

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The 1 MILE OUT Functional Hypertrophy Program is specifically designed to unlock your ability to FUNCTION and PERFORM from a strength & conditioning viewpoint AND make you a chiseled piece of muscular granite along the way! This program is a stepping stone toward making your workouts more intense and purposeful. It will force you to develop a steel mindset, bulletproof body and the mentality of a BEAST. There are milestone workouts along the way, but no specific peaking phase - as the whole point is strictly to get ripped and be capable of moving like a badass.

Workout/Program Parts:

- Part A = functional fitness exercise(s) based around carrying or lifting sandbags, farmer's carry implements, medicine balls or similar odd objects

- Part B = strength based giant set with a main focus on deadlift, overhead press, squat or bench press - along with 2-3 other secondary, accessory or core/conditioning movements

- Part C = conditioning based giant set or circuit with a main focus on a secondary deadlift, overhead press, squat or bench press movement - generally fast paced and intense

- Ruck Days = the rucking portion of the program runs concurrently with the resistance training part, so you will fit those days as you see fit on the designated weeks


How long will it take? Workouts can last as little as 30 minutes, or as long as 90 minutes (or 3+ hours for ruck testing days) depending on your ability to adapt and how much rest you would like to take.

Who is it for? Ideal for functional fitness populations, crossfitters, athletes in the off-season or those that work within the tactical community (police, military, firefighters, first responders, etc.).

What if I don't have a certain piece of equipment? Thats fine, just switch out that movement for a similar/like movement. An example of this is an exchange of a core movement for another core movement, or a conditioning movement for another conditioning movement.

What equipment do you need? Barbell, Dumbbells, Squat Rack, Kettlebells, Band/Chains, Sandbags, Rucksack/Plate Carrier & Medicine Balls (Battle Ropes, Plyo Box & Sledgehammer also ideal)

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Robert S.
Ground work

I ran this when Derek at Apex first tested it. It was awesome, tbh I have never been in better overall shape. The rucking was great, not too hard, just enough to help me get lean and the lifting was great for strength gains!