20-Mile Ruck Challenge Review!

20-Mile Ruck Challenge Review!

Coach Derek completed the APEX Physical Therapy & Sports Performance 20-Mile Ruck Challenge in 5:51:08 and the actual distance traveled was 19.61 miles on the trail. Ruck weight = 27 lbs. for 7 miles, then 19 for remainder.


Leave - 5:47 AM

MILE 3.86 - Felt good, no issues

MILE 5.81 - Shoulders tight, but no issues

MILE 7.34 - Feet started to hurt - hungry

MILE 9.27 - Half way point, ate cliff bar, and gummy worms - chugged 2x LMNT Salt

MILE 11.07 - The grueling reality of not being anywhere close to the finish set in

MILE 13.23 - Picked up pace to near jog until approx. mile 15

MILE 15.92 - Feet and shoulders were in sharp amounts of pain - walking partner and I quit talking due to “the suck”

MILE 16.49 - Started to get angry, hungry, thirsty and inklings of wanting to slow down to a comfortable pace - STAYED DISCIPLINED

MILE 17.66 - Phone was on last leg, fully expected it to die, wanted to stop, did not stop, because that’s for losers

MILE 17.81 - Phone had died at 5:25 into the ruck, embraced the suck as we entered Lincoln, picked up the pace again and growled/grunted a lot

MILE 18.ish - Hope, was able to see what I knew was close to the end of the trail - walking partner takes off jogging in order to not stop

MILE 19.ish - Jogged as best I could when the parking lot and truck came into view and relief set in

FINISH - 5:51:08

Post Ruck - Laughed, smiled, “ouched” and went to Culver's and crushed some burgers and fries‼️ In all, 9 people participated this year - next year we look forward to an even bigger turn-out!
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