Deadlift - and why you shouldn't avoid this amazing exercise!

Deadlift - and why you shouldn't avoid this amazing exercise!

The deadlift certainly gets a bad reputation for being the destroyer of low backs and tearer of biceps...but, is it actually as dangerous as you've heard?

No, no it is not. The deadlift gets is bad rep. from the multitude of trainees who never learned proper deadlift technique, how to brace their core and backs in unison and also how to breath while performing a lower body movement. Those trainees tend to get hurt and spread the deadlift hate! There are multiple cues that exist to help you remember proper deadlift form - the ones we stick to at APEX are:

1) Sink your butt

2) Tighten up your upper back/lats

3) Bend the bar around your legs w/ long arms

4) Push your legs through the floor

5) Pull & make the knees and hips meet in the middle

6) Pinch the cheeks to lock out

Deadlift is the ultimate functional movement. You will NEVER, in your entire life, be able to completely avoid picking things up off the floor. So, learn the proper technique with a qualified coach and starting building your functional capacity to DEADLIFT! You'll thank yourself in 20 years.

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