Odd Objects And Why You Should Use Them!

Odd Objects And Why You Should Use Them!

For centuries human beings have been testing their strength and power through lifting odd objects like stones, kegs, sandbags, etc. Its almost as if we have this primal urge calling us to pick that random heavy thing up off the ground just to prove to ourselves we can!

However, with the development of modern strength & conditioning and fitness clubs, the focus of strength and power development has shifted toward nicely engineered free weights (dumbbells, barbells, etc.) and resistance training machines (cable machines, plate loaded leverage machines, etc.). Don't get us wrong, these things are amazing and make our workouts smooth, concise and enjoyable - after all, the learning curve to lifting an ALMOST perfectly balanced piece of equipment is not near as steep as a natural stone or sandbag with no predetermined grip surface.

Its time to put odd objects back into your training, people!

Why? Well...

We will be forced to pick up odd objects throughout our entire lives, and if we are properly trained to do so, we will not experience injuries nearly as much. The development of this SKILL will help keep us on top of our functional strength game as we age - and we all want to age in a manner that keeps us healthy, strong, injury-free and performing well. Bottom line, if you're prepared to perform functional tasks through simple training habits - when those tests do occur in life, you will dominate them! Plus, functional strength will only help your development in other fitness areas, as well!

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