Recovery Techniques We LOVE!

Recovery Techniques We LOVE!

There are TONS of different recovery techniques out there. Some are touted as the end-all, be-all of recovery - so that begs the question, "what are the best recovery techniques?" 

We aren't sure there are actually "best" techniques, as they all seem to work at some level, in some way. While we at APEX do not have access to all the techniques the world of fitness recovery has to offer, we have tried our fair share and we feel these techniques are viable and accessible to almost everyone:

1. Cold tub - 11 minutes per week at temps of 35 degrees of colder in a cold tub

2. Dry sauna - 20 minutes daily, infrared is preferred

3. Steam sauna - 5-10 minutes daily

4. Walks - 10 minutes twice daily

5. Yoga - 1, 30-45 minute session weekly

6. Fasting - 24-36 hours once or twice per month

7. Physical therapy & chiropractic tune-up - once or twice per month

When in doubt, experiment! That is the only true way to determine which recovery techniques will work for you. Give it a go!

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