Should Athletes Deadlift?

Should Athletes Deadlift?

Should athletes deadlift⁉️ Or, to put that question more aptly, do athletes BENEFIT from performing the deadlift⁉️

Some coaches would argue that they do not and should not. However, in the humble opinion of @apextherapysportsperformance head coach @captainreddogunderhill, it is very important for athletes to train a HIP HINGE movement pattern 🤙

So… If we are going to train a hip hinge movement pattern, why not get more bang for your buck in terms of choosing an exercise that helps trainees develop lower & upper back strength, core rigidity and (with proper intensity and loads) tons of lower body power & explosiveness?

That exercise is the deadlift - in particular, the hex bar deadlift - yes, it will take time to coach proper technique, but the LIFE LONG benefits of having athletes and all trainees deadlift far outweighs the shortcomings 🤙


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