The other half of jump training…

The other half of jump training…

When it comes to training for athletic development, one of the most important faucets to develop is jumping ability. Jump training requires the development of explosiveness, power and speed (all muy importante parts of building athleticism)! 

So, train jumping ability? Easy enough with some proper programming and technique development from a qualified coach, right?

Well, most coaches (or training programs), especially those with less experience always seem to overlook the other half of jumping. What is the other half? THE LANDING!

The majority of injuries we see in sports that deal with jumping occur during the landing portion of the movement. This is often due to some form of muscle imbalance, fatigue or instability - but can also be due to outside circumstances, like contact from another athlete. 

So, don’t forget to train landing mechanics when doing your jump training - both feet, one foot, weighted, unweighted, etc. Developing those mechanics may just save your trainees or athletes from severe injury. A great place to start is with a simple depth jump/drop, stick the landing and hold it for a 2 count - 18” box height to start!

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