Training Partners and Small Groups

Training Partners and Small Groups

Not long ago we released a blog that outlined the mental importance of training alone and why it was, indeed, preferable (at least for us) when compared to training with a partner or in groups. At the end of the day, many of our followers DISAGREED with what was laid out in that blog post - so, today, we will take a look at the reasoning one of our athletes and his training partners prefer to train within the group setting!

"I would rather train with my training partner or with a few friends because we have, pretty much, the same goals - GET JACKED! We are able to hold each other accountable and maybe even push one another a little bit harder on a set or for bigger numbers, yanno?

I guess, for me - its also about the social aspect. I work a blue collar job and I'm in construction equipment, pretty much, all day from 7-5 PM and don't get much interaction with other people. So being able to train with others keep me up to date on news with my guys, their families and also lets me just chat about random junk that is on my mind. I guess, I feel like without the social aspect of training with my dudes, especially my brother, I'd get a little rusty with social skills because that is the only time I get to hang out with people outside of my co-workers. 

Big thing for me though, is that I can compete with them a bit, too. I like getting after them, just like they do with me - do there is something to be said about getting into that competitive atmosphere with your peeps, too!"

Takeaways - the social aspects of training within groups are attractive to most folks and you are also able to push others and yourself a little bit harder.

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