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12-Week Advanced Peaking Program (S3)

12-Week Advanced Peaking Program (S3)

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The 12-Week ADVANCED PEAKING Program is the final stage, Stage 3 (S3), in our three stage trainee development plan. Throughout this 12-week program, trainees will be pushed to break through plateaus in terms of strength and overall workload volume. In addition, clients will be given the opportunity to test their absolute strength with a carefully laid out peaking phase the final three weeks of the program - and then complete a TEST DAY on the final day of this program! 

Workout/Program Parts:

- Part A = a circuit style giant set or superset to get you warmed up, primed for your main movement of the day and get some conditioning work in to drop body fat

- Part B = the main movement(s) of the day, your "meat & potatoes" per-say, this is where the bulk of your work will done and where you'll see the biggest return in terms of muscle toning and strength

- Part C = an accessory circuit, superset or giant set that is diligently built to work the muscle groups that "feed" our ability to perform better for our main movement(s)


How long will it take? Workouts can last as little as 45 minutes, or as long as 90 minutes depending on your ability to adapt and how much rest you would like to take.

Who is it for? This program is for trainees that have a well-established base of knowledge, strength and ability to handle higher training volume. A fine choice for those involved in sports, strength sports or those wanting to test their absolute strength on a regular basis.

What if I don't have a certain piece of equipment? Thats fine, just switch out that movement for a similar movement. An example of this is an exchange of a core movement for another core movement, or a conditioning movement for another conditioning movement.

What equipment do you need? Barbell, Dumbbells, Squat Rack, Kettlebells, Band/Chains & Medicine Balls (a normal commercial gym is well-outfitted for this program)

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